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Condo U-Nah-Kin #3 Las Villas Akumal
Condo U-Nah-Kin Las Villas Akumal
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Looking for a great vacation with your family? Akumal condos are a fantastic option if you are the kind of individual that looks for a calm and relaxing environment in order to seriously break free from the daily stress of work and home, you can lie down in a hammock and relish the soft breeze of the sea, while you read a book or enjoy your favorite music.

There are many lodging alternatives in Akumal. Some Akumal condos are cheap and some others are pretty luxurious. The fact is that there is a condo for every taste and budget. We are proud to offer the best options in Akumal:

U-Nah-Kin: This is a little four-condo construction located in the gorgeous sandy beach of Aventuras Akumal. Its name in Maya signify "House of the Sun". There are two and one-bedroom apartments that provide lodging to up to three guests. These Akumal condos have all the services offered in more expensive properties and are on one of the finest beaches of the region. This condo is a sound alternative and although it does not have a pool, it offers worthy services at very low prices, like phone service and broadband Internet connection included with the price of the rent.

Las Villas Akumal: This magnificent beach-front project has several Junior Suites and two or three-bedroom condos, beautiful gardens, and a big pool. It is undoubtedly one of the most attractive options when looking for Akumal condos, especially if you plan to travel with a group since several units may be rented to accommodate all the family members. Las Villas Akumal is great for celebrating weddings and birthdays. The huge inner areas and the varied outside areas make you feel like in a private villa.

Playa Caribe: Located in North Akumal, on Half-Moon Bay, Playa Caribe offers twelve very comfortable and beautifully decorated Akumal condos, with services no other property in Akumal offers as are drinkable, potable water from all faucets in the building, thanks to a treatment plant installed to service this property. The care taken to make sure all the guests are comfortable, also distinguishes Playa Caribe from the rest. Nonetheless this is one of the most expensive condos in Akumal, the value of the services you receive here is far away above the price you pay for it.

Condos Tanik: This is one of the newest buildings in Akumal. It has six units on three floors. All of them overlook the ocean. Tanik is located on Half Moon Bay in North Akumal, and is ideal for those who do not want to rent or drive a car while on vacation, since it is only a short distance away from the many restaurants, boutiques and other services Akumal offers. Price is reasonable and its facilities are not luxurious but are very comfortable and pleasant. This Akumal condos are rapidly becoming one of Akumal's favorites due the excellent location, impeccable facilities, friendly service and great prices.

As you can recognize, staying in Akumal while vacationing in the Mexican Caribbean can be a great alternative, and it can be pretty well inexpensive if you stay at a condo in Akumal. All of the wonders that the Mexican Maya Riviera has to offer will be at your finger tips to select which sort of holiday you and your party want to have. And also, not even you come again year after year, you will be endowed to have another adventures every time you dwell in Akumal. All Akumal condos will supply you the conditions so that you hang a hammock, and forget about the world!