Akumal Mexico Info


Akumal bay

It is located 65 miles south of Cancun, 24 miles south of Playa del Carmen and 14 miles north of Tulum.

Along the coastal strip, the tourist zone, we can find a wide variety of natural spots, accommodation options, restaurants, tourist services and shopping places that make Akumal Mexico one of the best vacation options in the Mayan Riviera (or Riviera Maya as it is know by the locals).

Peaceful and tranquil, this is the ideal place for a real, deep restoring vacation, but also has all the ingredients for living an exciting adventure: a beautiful ocean with gorgeous reefs, incredible jungle spots and many nearby archeological sites, like Coba and the famous Chichen Itza (located at a 3 hours drive from Akumal).

Akumal Mexico is considered a diver's paradise, with beautiful reefs and lots of cenotes for cave diving. If you like snorkeling, you can find a myriad of marine life right in front of their villas or condos. For sure this is one of the main reasons people return month after month, and many of them look ahead to buy some land and move their residence to this small magic place.

Yalku Lagoon: This is one of the "must see" in Akumal. Located in the north tip of Akumal Mexico, this natural estuary is plethoric of colorful fishes. Definitively a paradise for snorkeling!

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Some common misspellings for Akumal are: akumel, aqumal and acumal.